Data gate


The Atlantic Port of Bordeaux produces and disseminates a great deal of information on a daily basis as part of its public service missions.

The River’s digital twins also collect a lot of data, including that of the Atlantic Port of Bordeaux, and also produce it.

This data may be reused – under certain legal, regulatory and contractual conditions – as public information pursuant to Law No. 78-753 of July 17, 1978, for purposes other than the public service mission for which the information were produced or received by digital twins from the river.

Data authenticity

The data that is presented on this portal is authentic data from the River’s digital Twins. They are delivered with a user license authenticity key that proves their origin and quality. The latter is intended to be mentioned in the study that uses them, in order to prove that it has indeed been carried out with quality and authentic data.

For information, some data, such as tide data, is manually checked daily and corrected for any acquisition anomaly. Raw tidal data that is provided in real time to other public structures is not verified.

Only digital twins have the exclusivity of verified data streaming and come with their genuine license key.